Forks in the Road

Everyday, we help people find teas they love.  I hear all kinds of starting points.  Maybe you're one of them?  "Doctor told me I need to quit coffee."  "I'll choke down anything to help me sleep."  It doesn't need to be like that.

A few simple forks in the road help you get onto the right path. 

The first is the question of caffeine, yes or no?  Maybe we go down both roads separately...? 

All of our Rooibos and herbals are caffeine-free.  Many of those have specific ingredients or benefits but we always want to start with flavors you'll enjoy.

If you like caffeine, again, we have a wide range of caffeine effect.  Strongest caffeine level is certainly in Pu-erh with Black and Oolongs to follow.

Do you like light or dark body?  Body is the "thickness" or mouth feel of the drink.  Many people struggle to find the body they really enjoy.  Light body teas like white and green offer more delicate flavors and scents whereas dark teas like Pu-erh will have a full body similar to coffee.  There is a huge range in between.

What about flavor?  Do you like something more traditional?  Fruity?  Savory?

Beyond that, it's important to buy in small amounts until you know you like something.  Follow the steeping instructions and most importantly, weigh your tea for best results.