About Us


We are a Premium Loose Leaf Tea Merchant specializing in high quality, hand-produced, Loose Leaf Teas and Herbals. We believe in fresh, authentic affordable loose leaf teas. All Teas and Herbs are hand selected by the Tea Madame for your enjoyment. We strive to be passionately knowledgeable about our products and we love to share that enthusiasm with our customers. Our staff is professional, friendly and willing to help on any level. From the true Tea beginner to the seasoned enthusiast, the Tea Madame has something for everyone. 

Tea Madame provides the best variety of quality Teas and botanical blends while offering a friendly, knowledgeable staff in a relaxing beautiful atmosphere. Tea Madame is highly rated in Washington State among Tea rooms on a teamap.com of over 115 rated. Tea Madame Owner is a Certified Tea Educator with the Specialty Tea Institute. The goal is to bring specialty Tea to your neighborhood with an affordable and knowledgeable approach that will help you find your new cup of Tea. 

Our company started as a small store in Sumner.  After years of meeting new customers at the Farmer's Market and other annual events, we needed more room to store the tea we were selling.  As we searched for a good place to use as distribution, we found our location in Lakewood.  That store opened October 2015.  

COVID did not stop us.  In April, 2020, we created our online ordering website which now offers nearly all the teas we sell in our stores.  That expanded our customer base nationwide.  The thing COVID did cost us was our space in Sumner where we were able to hold our Tea Classes.

March 1, 2022 we opened our third daily location at the Waterfront Market at Ruston.  This store is open every day from 10 - 6:00 plus extra hours for special events.  We sell all of our teas there but also have the facility to restart our Tea Classes.

As we expand, we remember we are Pierce County locals.  We've lived our lives here and we're going to keep our business here.  Mom and Pop Tea Shop!