• Why Choose Specialty Loose Leaf Tea?

    Just because it says "White Tea" or "Green Tea" doesn't mean it contains all the compounds you might think.  This blog discusses the fundamental basis of taking tea from one of the original growing regions.
  • Forks in the Road

    Everyday, we help people find teas they love.  I hear all kinds of starting points.  Maybe you're one of them?  "Doctor told me I need to quit coff...
  • My Favorite Tea Blend

    So many tea varieties and so few days to drink them all.  Please share my favorite tea with me!
  • Darjeeling Black Tea

    Single-estate Darjeeling are very impressive.  You can see why it is held in such high regard among the tea world.
  • Tea Madame launches live purchasing site

    Our basic philosophy has always been to achieve the best customer experience through face to face contact.  We've never posted our prices, ingredie...