Are your stores open for business? We are open daily from 10 - 5 in Sumner and Lakewood and every day in Ruston from 10 - 6:00.

Which options are caffeine-free?  All Rooibos and Herbal options are caffeine-free.

Can I pick up in any store?  Yes, we will allow next day pick up in Sumner, Lakewood or Ruston.

Which tea is the most popular?  #1 ever is Gold Mountain Spiced Rooibos, you must try it!

When will you do more tea classes?  Classes are selling out in our Ruston location.  We are planning 2 or 3 classes a month and will add as demand grows.

Do you still offer a discount to refill tea tins?  Yes, when you bring in your tea tins to refill, we will take 10% off the tea you buy.