Are your stores open for business? We are open daily from 10 - 5 in Sumner and Lakewood.  As of March 1, we are proud to now be open in the Waterfront Market at Ruston every day from 10 - 6:00.

Which options are caffeine-free?  All Rooibos and Herbal options are caffeine-free.

Can I pick up in any store?  Yes, we will allow next day pick up in Sumner, Lakewood or Ruston.

Which tea is the most popular?  #1 ever is Gold Mountain Spiced Rooibos, you must try it!

When will you do more tea classes?  We are happy to announce that we are now offering tea classes in the Waterfront Market at Ruston.

Do you still offer a discount to refill tea tins?  Yes, when you bring in your tea tins to refill, we will take 10% off the tea you buy.